Anime Express 3
Cosplay Competition

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Daytona Beach, Florida
March 25, 2000

Conventions Cosplay Contest Contest Continued

Ryouga gives us an outstanding karaoke presentation of the Devil Went Down to the Tendo Dojo and competes with Akane's hammer.

Buy Me!
Sell Me!
Trade Me!
It's the Pokemon Whore!

In yet _another_ Pokemon parody, Ryu takes on Pikachu in a Battle Royal for the biggest marketing share. Fortunately, Pikachu is still lacking a live-action release.

After a little convincing, begging, pleading... well you get the idea... Felicia prepares to favor us with an interpretive dance routine.

Ah, the grace...

The beauty...

The skimpy outfit. Hey, it was a long dance routine, OK?

And now a little dance party while we wait for the judges to return.

To the right are a couple of latecomers. Not quite anime, but no one was complaining.

And now we gather for the announcements.

For best Pokemon related skit, the Pokemon Whore; For best desecration of a prop, Jupiter and P-chan; Best karaoke was none other then Ryouga and his magic hammer; Third place went to Ryouga and Akane; Second place went to Anthy and Best of Show went to Bloodberry and Cherry.

After the awards, the cosplayers take to the dance floor.

Below Felicia grants a rare photo session.


The girls, um, I don't know, compare costumes?

Conventions Cosplay Contest Contest Continued