The Second Annual
Alt.Fan.Sailor -Moon

11th Annual
Project A-kon
Dallas, Texas
June 2nd, 2000

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After the introductions, we started the AFS-M Jeopardy game. Due to the number of people, we split the room into four groups. There were the Cheese logs to the right, the Otaku Warriors along the back, Those Who Hunt Elves to the left and Team Delta to the front on the floor.

After a spirited competition, we ended in a tie between the Otaku Warriors and Team Delta. Prizes, supplied by Jerry Shaw, where distributed to all players with the winners getting first choice of the goodies.

One of the party activities was the Who likes Chibiusa contest. The winning contestant would be the one who did the best job of convincing the audience that they liked Chibiusa. First up was Artemis. She gave many convincing arguments on the merits of Chibiusa. Next was Sailor Terra, who took the approach that audience members should be cowed into worship of the kawaii one. Following ST, Scortia-chan make her presentation. She made a game attempt, but you could see that her heart was not yet fully won over to the way of the pink. Finally, Hollandaise made her pitch. Her approach was to demonstrate that she did not necessarily like Chibiusa, but that she did respect her for her accomplishments.

Since the prize was an AFS-M Luna pin, I suspect some of the entrants were maybe a little less then sincere. These particular three would fall into that category. I would say that a step or two was taken across the boundary of good taste in the latter part of this competition. No wonder we scared the heck out of the newbies ^_^;;; I can imagine them running for their very lives after _this_ particular party.

I had not anticipated the strong anti-Chibiusa mood in the audience. I was stunned. After disqualifying the last three contestants in the holy name of pinkness, Hollandaise-san was the overwhelming favorite of the fans due to her respect but not love of Chibiusa arguments.

As the party started to wind up, the attendees signed the commemorative poster, using the color of their favorite senshi.

Here are Scortia-chan and Rusty-chan adding their John Hancock to the poster.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a question and answer presentation by Akemi Takada-sensei. She was the character designer for such TV shows as Urusei Yatsura and Kimagure Orange Road. This was a unique honor for me because I think Lum from UY is one of the most beautiful anime characters ever created.

We would ask the question, and the translator to the left would present the question to Takada-sensei in Japanese. Then Takada-sensei would answer in Japanese and the translator would repeat it back to us in English.

Here Takada-sensei is signing one of my prized possessions, a story board of the first season of TV episodes of Urusei Yatsura. As luck would have it, she also signed my postcard.

On the top are the items and below are where Takada-sensei signed them for me. The illustration on the left was especially created for the storyboard book. The postcard on the right was imprinted with two custom stamps that she had made the night before.

Eventually all good things much come to an end. Here is Josh at the airport as we wait for our plane back to Jacksonville.

Conventions AFSM Party Intro AFSM Activities Cosplay