The First Annual
Party (continued)

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10th Annual
Project A-kon
Dallas, Texas
June 4th, 1999

Conventions Preparations Party Time!

As the folks start to show up, I took a couple of quick group shots. The goddesses are to the right, Anakin is standing up in the back with J-me waving right next to her. The girl sitting in front of J-me is Robin who runs Meimi's Trading Post and one of the three Demonesses on #mkr. The girl next to J-me with the short hair is Jodi aka Kourika the Second Demoness of #mkr. I'm in the middle with the white A-kon t-shirt and Conrad and Erin are sitting next to me.

One of the first things we did was to stand up one by one and introduce ourselves. We were to give our name, our posting handle, favorite senshi and any other info we wished to share. Here J-me is giving a spirited argument as to why she is perfectly entitled to claim Mamoru as her favorite because he is clearly the senshi of the Earth.

As you come into the room, the couches are to the right and back. On the left side of the room was the table with all the food. Zoe was entirely responsible for all the effort to buy the refreshments and transporting it all to the hotel.

Below is the first of what I hope will be many A-kon AFSM cakes.

J-me tackles the cake and makes the first sacrificial cut then starts to dish out the goodies.

During the party, we played a number of Sailor Moon Super episodes courtesy of J-me. The most popular one was when Chibiusa first shows up. The noise in the room was deafening as people shouted their enthusiasm or disgust for that wonderful event. However, even the Chibiusa fans had to laugh when the daemon tripped her as she tried to launch her Pink Sugar Heart Attack ^_^;

Sailor Moon Jeopardy was a major hit, another great idea from J-me. We couldn't find any scotch tape, so being the clever and resourceful group that we are, a substitute was quickly devised. The fans were split into four groups. Each group chose a team name. There was Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Queen Beryl. After a weak start, the Queen Beryl group rallied and stomped the opposition. You can find the answers (and guesses to the questions) here on the afs-m group.

Here is Wendy (The Third Demoness of #mkr) standing next to Mike (Gray_Hare) and Jess. That's Tucker behind Jess. Funny note: Mike has a photo cupped in his hand that he took of J-me dressed as Saturn in front of his purple Saturn with a Hotaru license plate from last year.

About halfway through the party, Ken Arromdee (waving), creator of the afs-m news group, joined the festivities.

Somewhere towards the end of the party, I dragged out the Black and Pink list just in case there was any anti-Chibiusa activity that required noting.

Among the other activities, I had a Sailor Moon poster for everyone to sign. There were a selection of various colored pens so that each person could sign in the signature color of their favorite senshi. J-me made sure there was a black one to represent Mamoru ^_^ The Evil Professor Chronos and Wendy each sign their monikers, Wendy in purple, the Professor, of course, in Pink ^_-

Jennifer's one goal for the con was to participate in the karaoke activity. It was OK, but they could have been much better prepared. For one thing, they had NO anime karaoke. If you wanted to sing Japanese, you had to bring your own CD

After the party, we had to make that loooonnng hike from the East Tower to the West Tower. Unfortunately, because I arrived so late, we had to stay in the West Tower of the hotel. But the convention was being held in the East Tower. This meant about a 10 minute walk everytime we wanted to go back to our room.

Conventions Preparations Party Time!