Makoto and Ami?

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In consideration for Trixie-sama's concerns, please allow me to point out that this whole page is only meant as a joke. The images are real except for a few tiny edits (see below), but the text is entirely false. Makoto is not secretly in love with Ami, Unazuki or Haruka nor does she think of them in any way except that of good friends.

Right from the start, in Makoto's debut in episode 25, you can see that there was a red thread connecting Makoto and Ami. Here you can see that fateful first meeting. You might think that Mako's comment is directed to Luna...... As we will soon find out, it is not.

BTW, that's Usagi and Rei arguing in the background. Another interesting relationship that will have to be dealt with another time ^_^

makoami0.jpg (21001 bytes)
makoami1.jpg (18172 bytes) Notice by her gentle blush that Ami is quite aware of just who Mako is referencing. And as you can see by Ami's astonished gaze, the feeling is mutual.
Ami is a very shy individual. There was no way she could speak her mind and make her feelings clear to Mako. However, for what Ami lacks in boldness, she more then makes up for in cleverness. Here in episode 31 Ami finds an opportune moment to 'trip' and give Mako an eyeful during a battle with Zoisite.
tickle.jpg (29874 bytes) Makoto decides to pursue Ami. In episode 37, Makoto finally confesses her feelings to Ami. With a gentle stroke to Mako's cheek, Ami admits that she feels the same way about Mako-chan. The other girls are elated at the budding relationship.
In that same episode, Makoto and Ami go on their first formal date. Initially they danced with a few others, because they were concerned about making their affection public. But in the end, they bid farewell as Mako takes Ami out for ice cream. jupbye.jpg (19286 bytes)
surprise.jpg (32840 bytes) Their love for each other continued to blossomed until that fateful day that Ami received a letter from her father. Knowing that her sire came from a very strict and traditional background, Ami greatly feared the contents of this message. She could not bring herself to read it. Instead she gathered her friends together and requested that Minako to read her father's words.
As Minako read, Ami's worst fear came to pass. Her father had learned of their relationship and demanded that Ami and Makoto break up. The girls were shocked at the news. Ami, being the dutiful daughter that she is, obeyed. In an agonizing scene in episode 62, Ami tells Makoto that she will always love her, but that her first duty right now is to her father. Makoto is heart broken but realizes that she must support Ami's decision. amilook.jpg (9450 bytes)
For a long time, Makoto was unable to feel love for anyone else. However, as she is approached by Unazuki in episode 94, she finds her heart opening once again. Mako-chan voices her internal confusion by asking herself "What happened?" i.e. what has happened to allow her to love after having her heart broken.
Suddenly sure of her own heart, Mako-chan hugs Unazuki back to the surprise of all the other girls.
Unfortunately, Mako-chan's passion for Unazuki quickly cools and by episode 96, she finds her desires turning towards... Haruka. In this scene, Usagi is outraged that Mako-chan could so easily drop Unazuki for Haruka. She is also justifiably concerned that Mako's affection will be complicated by the fact that Haruka is already committed to Michiru.
Mako-chan's obsession for Haruka reaches such an intensity that Mako begins to stalk her. Here we see Mako (having watched Cape Fear and/or the Simpsons way too many times) considering how she can tie herself under Haruka's sports car in order to find out where she lives. Fortunately, Mako realizes that she is simply too big to fit under such a tiny car.
Much to Mako's surprise, she soon finds that Haruka is equally interested in her. Here we see that Haruka has asked Mako if she would mind forming a menage a trois among the three of them. Mako assures her that she would not mind at all. Then she goes on to ask what sort of dinner Haruka world like.
As their passions become inflamed, Haruka realizes that she must confess the truth to Mako before things go any further. In the privacy of a small glade, Haruka reveals undeniable proof that she is.... in fact.... A MAN! Mako-chan is shocked and horrified by the sight.
Even though Makoto puts on a brave front, she realizes that she can not love Haruka any more. So with an unfelt cheerfulness, Makoto bids Haruka farewell. She is now certain in her heart that she will never find her true soul mate.
A year passes.

In episode 147, Makoto attends a party, but her heart is like a weigh in her chest. Alone and forlorn, she gazes enviously at the happy dancers.


An old friend shows up...

dance1.jpg (12128 bytes)
dance2.jpg (20793 bytes) Ami had finally reached her majority. Freed from her father's demands, she is ready to return Makoto's love. Shyly, hesitatingly, Ami asked Makoto if she would consider going out with her once again.
Makoto was overjoyed! Her heart filled with elation, she enthusiastically agreed. dance3.jpg (17831 bytes)
dance4.jpg (20689 bytes) There was no stopping the two friends that night. They moved with such wild and exuberant abandon that the other dancers had to stop and move back to make room.
And then with a last passionate swing, Makoto whips Ami around and single-handedly springs her up into the air.

The two friends are reunited once again.

dance5.jpg (25133 bytes)


And, oh yeah, Haruka is NOT really a man.


OK, I can't leave it this way. I don't care what anyone says, there IS something going on between Makoto and Ami. I'm certain the writers had something in mind even if it was never actually scripted out as such. Maybe I took a few liberties with the text, but the incidents are all real (Well, as real as you can get in a fictional story).

As additional proof for the Makoto/Ami relationship, please check out this excellent site in Japan from a fellow M/A fan.

Mokumoku-tei/What's Mako-Ami

For those who just have to know, here are the image edits that I did:

Panel 12: Cut off the second line of text.
Panel 13: Painted over a small bruise on Haruka's hand so it would not be clear just what had Makoto's interest.
Panel 16: Changed the word "dance" to "date" in the subtitle.

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